Targets - Traditional Tattoo Association

Person of Interest

We are interested in people who share our belief in the benefits of preserving the lessons, cultures and traditions of the past. If you are involved with, or form part of a tattoo culture, it would be my honour to open you up to the opportunities in a personal meeting.

We would like to know more about your ongoing plans and happenings, and discuss the concept of the TAT in detail so we can find the common ground where it is possible to work together and welcome you to be a part of the Traditional Tattoo Association

Sponsoring and Future Vision

For artists from countries working with traditional techniques and designs including but not limited to Japan, Samoa,Marquesa, China, Borneo, Thailand,Polynesia, Micronesia, Macronesia, Australasia and French Polynesia.

We want to support the artists and families by giving them the chance to showcase their art, culture and traditions in other Countries, where they will not only teach but learn as well. The TAT hopes to provide sponsorship in the Future Projects  in forms of education, Travel cost and accommodation as well as Medical supports and more
To build a conservatory communication and organisation.

As Time is a challenge
And nothing is done in a second

We don`t burn for a moment, we burn for a Lifetime

§ 1 Name and seat of the association, financial year

The club bears the name “TAT” – Traditional Tattoo Association
The club is based in 79098 Freiburg, Gerberau 17.  
The financial year is the calendar year
The association recognized the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and any country worldwide.
The notices of the association carried out in a medium association in printed or electronic form.

§ 2 Purpose and tasks of the association are:

  1. Promote traditional tattoo style techniques in International Focus
  2. Preservation of the traditional tattoo art and their artists supported by the fact
  3. Information for consumers, Artist and customers via traditional tattoos and their different styles
  4. Preservation of the traditional main styles through education and public relations possible
  5. Preparation for seminars at international events and information stands
  6. Clear presentation of the traditional main styles in public as well as network work Website and the visual presentation to provide comparison possibilities so that consumers can clearly see what style is to stem a mixture of styles and to bring under false terminology on the market
  7. Awareness of hygiene standards in traditional and machine work for prospective traditional candidates (apprentices / trainees / customers or interns and professional tattoo artists dedicated to traditional work in the visual field by complying with the provisions of the German Health Law and observing traditional rites in their respective styles …
  8. Create a (multiple) referential certificate for tattoo artists in a dedicated Examination Board to be reviewed and reconciled by TAT’s main chair members by the panel with at least 3-4 members. To protect and define the decay of traditional main styles
  9. Support for existing associations such as Ueta and Dot and their targets for the hygiene standard (The DIN standard 17169 should be upgraded to an EU standard (working title CEnTC435).
  10. Cooperative work with international and national organizations to improve the international standards for tattooing
  11. Preparing and creating events in the traditional sense for traditional tattoo artists who want to become one
  12. Execution of seminars for aspiring traditional tattoo artists in the given main styles.
  13. Creation of an examination committee for traditional examinations following further seminars until individual training is completed.
  14. Create a seal of approval / certification that will benefit professionally working traditional tattooists as well as newly certified ones that are certified after being reviewed by the committee.
    Equally, the association represents the interests of the state and non-governmental organizations of traditional tattoo artists at home and abroad.

The above is fulfilled by the association by all necessary measures, in particular by appropriate publications, political lobby work, accompanied and initiated research work, press work and offered training and further education measures.

Stay blessed
Sincerely Tomasi Suluape