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We invite you to cross the bridge connecting the present to the past so we can welcome you to the world of the international traditional tattoo culture.

The TAT traditional Tattoo Association.eV provides support for these cultures from around the world and ensures a beautifull and unique surounding for your Interest of traditional Tattooculture to be a part of the survival of old global heritage.

New Generations have kept tradition alive by following the lessons passed on by their ancestors or theyre masters. As the world becomes smaller and cultures become ever more diluted, we have an opportunity to connect the individual culture from the first time and preserve the legacy by making it more accessible to the rest of the world as well building a base for People with cultural Interest to reach the artist of desire.

The secrets of past generations are fast disappearing as global culture moves ever further from its traditional roots. Even those few secrets currently being passed through the generations by an ever dwindling number of families, are manipulated by a ‘modern’ way of thinking. We, as part of modern society are steadily losing the knowledge of our forefathers.

Certain aspects of Tattoo culture contradict institutionalisation by their very design, certainly never meant for formalisation or regulation by any external parties.

The traditions are in themselves a formalisation and any regulations are at the family’s discretion. Each single entity is unique key to a corresponding door.

Uniting what is left of the planets traditional tattoo cultures still surviving today, combining the lessons and secrets from all corners of the globe while preserving the individuality of each facet will ensure the survival of each culture as a whole, while at the same time providing a master key for all those unique doors.

One can only imagine the learning curves we will witness and the innovations that must surely result when access to a ‘never before conceived’ pool of wisdom dating back millennia becomes accessible to anyone with the passion to learn.

The TAT Traditional Tattooassociation.eV was formed on the basis of this need.
The number of people practising traditional tattoo continues to diminish as familiesscatter. Bloodlines are diluted and those with can teach have access to less and less students. The simple act of preserving our heritage gives rise to endless possibility not the least of which is connecting those who have the passion to learn with those who have the knowledge to teach.

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